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SKU: T98-IPM-24A

As a proud development partner of AXIS Communications, 45Red provides a number of products which integrate 45Red transmission systems with AXIS Communications IP Camera range, Access Control and Surveillance cabinets

The T98-IPM-24A is an off-the-shelf solution which allows the customer to create a rapidly deployable, ad-hoc, self-healing IP Mesh network.  The AXIS T98A17-VE Cabinet contains a complete IP Mesh solution and includes a rechargeable lithium battery, 45Red IPM-24A IP Mesh module and an Axis camera from the Q35, Q29 or Q19 series.  The integrated 45Red PMM allows the customer to configure power timing schedules therefore prolonging the operation of the integrated lithium polymer rechargeable battery.

Each cabinet can be easily configured to operate as an IP Transmitter, Receiver, Repeater or IP Mesh Node allowing the customer to create an internal, AES Encrypted network 

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