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The need to protect transportation links has never been more vital.  With integrated Axis’ solutions, wireless remote video is a reality.  The 45Red CCE/4G Router offers the customer the ability to transmit video from any on-board AXIS Network camera via the cellular network. 


An on-board connection is also available via the CCE's Wi-Fi client, allowing instant review and download in the event of an incident and the integrated GPS facility allows access to the devices location and route history.



The protection of critical national infrastructure is a vital and ever evolving task.  45Red offers bespoke security solutions through our technology partnership with AXIS Communications, providing custom made integration solutions, based on the customers own unique requirements.


45Red has been proud to support the UK Critical National Infrastructure with our custom integrated solutions, contact us for more information.



Temporary remote security, such as construction sites offers a unique problem.  No easy access to power or internet, the need to run expensive cables which are often intrusive and disrupt workflow.  The 45Red range of Axis surveillance cabinets solve this problem. 

Fitted with an integrated rechargeable lithium battery and 45Red power management module, these cabinets can be fitted with any Axis Q35 Series network camera or Q19 & Q29 Thermal camera.  




Cost effective surveillance solutions can provide timely intelligence to law enforcement agencies.  By Integrating 45Red products with the flexible AXIS F-Series, the customer can produce a remote video transmission system for use in the most demanding environments, capable of transmission via Wi-Fi, cellular and WAN connection.  Integrated GPS functions provide accurate GPS data including location and route history.



45Red's remote solutions are ideally suited to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications.  Whether via cellular (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE) or via IP Mesh, 45Red can offer a simple plug and play system for all M2M applications including;


HVAC & EAC, POS & Retail, Agriculture, Fleet Management systems, AMR, Manufacturing, Telematics, Energy and Utilities, Stock tracking and remote inventory and many more.  With remote solutions from 45Red, there are no limitations! ​



How do you keep thousands of people safe at a live event without spoiling their experience? It’s a delicate balancing act that starts long before the event begins and ends well after the last fan goes home.

As an AXIS Partner, 45Red can create an Ad-Hoc, self-healing, IP Mesh wireless data network within the stadium or venue with the ability to stream live video, audio and access control to any on-site control room or remote site when combined with the 45Red CCE/4G Router.

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