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45Red Compact Cellular Encoder / 4G Router

Axis P39 Series Network Camera

AWS Server

Security centre 

Key Features:

Remote cellular transmission using any SIM, any network

Local Wi-Fi Transmission

Remote CCE / 4G Router Health check

Remote GPS Location and history

remote video & audio download


The compact cellular encoder / 4G Router by 45Red provides a 4G cellular connection in order to transmit product from the Axis P39 Network camera.


In addition to the transmission of video & audio, the CCE also provides a health check option which gives signal strength, voltage, temperature and data usage.  The CCE GPS function allows the unit to be located and a log history to be downloaded or shown as a breadcrumb trail on a pop-up map.  Video & audio can be downloaded from the P39 Micro SD Card remotely in the event of an incident.

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Network Camera

45RED Compact cellular Encoder / 4G ROUTER

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